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The affiliates include organizations, firms and NGOs that Supras has ongoing and close contact with. The concrete content of the relationships cover, among others, operational work and research. In several cases representatives of affiliates function as Advisors to Supras. See also section Links.

Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture & Bioresources (ANSAB)
ANSAB works on biodiversity conservation and economic development through community-based enterprise oriented solutions. Located in Kathmandu, Nepal. [access]
Association for Ecotourism in Romania
Promotes development of ecotourism for the support of nature conservation, local communities, and raising the standard of ecotourism-related services. Located in Brasov, Romania. [access]
Calimani National Park
The Administration for the park is responsible for a diverse set of tasks, including, management, protection, information dissemination, and capacity building. Located in Vatra Dornei, Romania. [access]
Diary, produces ecological cheese from local breed of cows. Located in Vatra Dornei, Romania.
Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net)
A global network and community of practice. Provides robust and applied networking tools for local communities and other CBNRM stakeholders, aimed at integrated knowledge management of the field of CBNRM. Collaborates with CBNRM Networking (see below). Located in Kristiansand, Norway. [more] [access]
CBNRM Networking
Non-profit that focuses on capacity-building, networking, and training in the area of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), through providing means for local CBNRM practitioners and stakeholders to connect and communicate with like-minded people. Collaborates with CBNRM Net (see above). Located in Kristiansand, Norway. [access]
Forum Sør (Forum South)
Resource network for organizations and individuals in the public sector, civil society, and private sector that is concerned with development aid and development cooperation. Forum Sør covers the Agder region in the southern part of Norway. Located in Kristiansand, Norway. [access ]
Foundation of Speleology Bucovina (Fundatie Speologica Suceava)
NGO with the aim of “protection and sustainable capitalization of natural and cultural resources.” Protecția mediului Biodiversitate Ape Educație ecologică Schimbări climatice Cultură. Located in Suceava, Romania. [access]
Institute for Spacial Policies (IPoP) (Inštitut za politike prostora)
An independent research institution and think tank that works on urban issues. Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. [access]
Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)
The national NGO umbrella organization for adult learning in Norway. The 19 members are governmentally approved adult learning associations, that, in turn, represent a member network of 438 nationwide adult learning NGOs. Located in Oslo, Norway. [access]
Water and Culture Institute
Promotes sustainable management of rivers, lakes, springs, and groundwater through application of indigenous wisdom and cultural traditions that respect the rights of nature. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. [access]