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Contact information

Below is contact information for all Supras firms, as well as for the staff, the Advisors / Sr Consultants and the Consultants. Also available is information about the location and current date and time for the offices in Kristiansand, Norway (headquarters) and Varna, Bulgaria.

Legal and ownership information is available here.

Supras Consult Ltd (Norway UK)

Postal address:   PO Box 1600, NO-4688 Kristiansand, Norway
Business address:   Skippergata 21, 4th floor, Kristiansand, Norway
Telephones:   +47 380 44 655, +47 381 49 045
Cell phone:   +47 908 23 006
Fax:   +47 381 08 199
Emails:   Office (regular mail), Office (large files), Webmaster
URLs:   supras.biz, supras.tel
Notes:   (1) Supras Consult Ltd is registered also in the United Kingdom, (2) For other contact information see the record for CEO Lars T. Soeftestad below.

Supras Ltd (Bulgaria)

Postal address:   PO Box 124, Varna, BG-9002 Bulgaria
Business address:   59 Vasil Drumev Street, Varna
Telephone:   +359 052 660 470
Cell phone:   +359 889 611 789
Emails:   Office
URL:   supras.bg (to appear)
Note:   For other contact information see the record for Manager Petya Dankova below.


Lars T. Soeftestad
Cell phone:   +47 908 23 006
Telephone (residence):   +47 380 44 655
Skype ID:   supras-lars
IM (Google Talk):   supras2
IRC (mIRC):   nuppas
Email:   Email
Petya Dankova
Manager, Supras Ltd
Cell phone:   +359 889 611 789
Skype ID:   petyadankova
Email:   Email
Simi Ann Solaas
Trainee, Supras Consult Ltd
Cell phone:   +47 470 42 003
Email:   Email

Note: Profiles of the staff members are available here.


Profiles of the Advisors are available here.

Winfried Ellingsen
Cell phone:   +47 (922) 63 550
Country of residence: Norway
Email:   Email
William Evans
Cell phone:   +47 (901) 73 953
Country of residence: Norway
Email:   Email
David Groenfeldt
Cell phone:   +1 (505) 470 3554
Country of residence: United States
Email:   Email
Alina Ionita
Cell phone:   +40 (745) 07 0973
Country of residence: Romania
Email:   Email
Tore W. Steen
Cell phone:   +47 (952) 66 660
Country of residence: Norway
Email:   Email
Bhishma P. Subedi
Cell phone:   +977 (1) 447 6586
Country of residence: Nepal
Email:   Email


To inquire about or contact the consultants write to this email address.

Profiles of the Consultants are available here.

Location and current time

Supras is located in Kristiansand, a coastal city on the southern coast of Norway, at: 58°08'48"N, 07°59'44"E (map). Supras has offices in the downtown area (map). Kjevik Intl. airport (KRS) is located 5 km northeast of the town. Information about Kristiansand is available here.

Weekday, date and current time: