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Along northern cold, dark, and forbidden coasts towards Ultima Thule, encountering Fimbulwinter before the final Ragnarok . . .

. . . actually, far from it! Given how we are disposed towards – not to mention socialized into – taking our own natural environment as the norm, it is understandable if some among you tend toward this stereotype of Norway and Norwegians (just as we may have some set views on you). For it is in Norway that Supras is located, in the town of Kristiansand, located at the southern tip of Norway (detailed maps are available here and here ). And while winters may be cold, the other three seasons (yes, we have 4 very different seasons) are anything but cold. In fact, in the sense of climates also being relative, people in Northern Norway are known to refer to my coastline as the “Riviera of Norway.” All of this, while 58 latitude elsewhere on the planet corresponds to mostly cold, desolate and isolated places, including Alaska, Hudson Bay, Kamchatka and Siberia.

Deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, hiking, hunting and skiing, to pick some favorite out-door activities – it is all in a days work when living in Kristiansand. International communications are plentiful, including car ferry and passenger ship connections to Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands, and air connections to several international destinations. Updated tourism information about Kristiansand is available here.


The term “Ultima Thule” (or simply “Thule”) was created by outsiders to characterize (often not favorably) a people, region or culture, a common occurrence throughout history by large countries, empires and colonial powers. In this case this was Greeks and Romans that began using the term around 300 BC to denote varying parts of northern Europe and locations around the North Atlantic Ocean. In medieval geographies the term came to mean a distant place located beyond the borders of the known world (see this Wikipedia article for details). As for the “Fimbulwinter” – which presumably is as cold as it sounds – it is the immediate prelude to the “Ragnarok,” the end of the world. For everything you always wanted to know about this and other fascinating aspects of Norse mythology and the life of my ancestors, consult this Wikipedia article.