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Sanaa E. Salloum

Sanaa E. Salloum
Sanaa E. Salloum
Position: Consultant.
Topics (geographic): Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Middle East.
Focus (topics): Reproductive health, MCH, Gender, Primary health care.
Professional profile: Sanaa is trained in Syria as a medical doctor. She lives in Yemen since 1989 (in 2003-2008 partly in Egypt and partly in Yemen), and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of international development, working in Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Areas of expertise include: reproductive health, gender and women’s projects, rights and needs, primary health care, and safe motherhood. Experience also in: capacity building, community mobilization, training workshops, and IECB (Information, Education and Change Behavior), designing health education materials on MNH and Nutrition, and evaluating micro-credit projects, training programs, NGOs, and marginalized peoples’ projects. In addition to the technical background as a physician, Sanaa has had a number of positions that require substantial management skill. Previous employers include: Govt. of Netherlands (Technical Advisor/MCH, RH, and gender expert, 7 years), Netherlands Embassy in Yemen (RH and gender program in Dhamar governorate, Yemen, aimed at improving health services, mainstreaming gender as well as advocating gender equality, 3 years), and UNICEF Yemen (rights-based development consultant, 4 months).
Activities: Projects.
Location: Sana‘a, Yemen.