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Here space is provided for special-purpose causes and activities that are connected with the work that Supras is involved in, directly and indirectly. In addition more personal activities are also included.

The Danube Capacity Building Network
This network consists of public sector, private sector and civil society stakeholders in Bulgaria and Romania that work on the Danube, and/or have interests in its management. It focuses on joint, integrated and comprehensive approaches to training and capacity building, aimed at sustainable management of the Danube sector shared by the two countries. [access]
Lorenz G. Löffler
The publications of the late Dr. Lorenz G. Löffler, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Zurich. [access]


Artianerne i Kristiansand 1968
Nettsted for gymnas avgangklassene i Kristiansand i 1968, på IHA, Handelsgym og Katta. [åpne]
Artianerne i Norge
Nettsted for artianere i Norge. [åpne]