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This section contains output of the work that Supras engages in, within the service areas, in particular as regards operational work, capacity building and research. The output is available in a number of forms and formats, including including articles, lectures, memos, notes, papers, presentations and reports. Most output can be read on-screen and downloaded. Some output contain sensitive information and for this reason cannot be made available for viewing and downloading (this applies, for example, to some of the output of involvement in World Bank operations).

Additionally, the section also includes output in other forms and formats that are supportive of this work: cartography and mapping, images and web services. Furthermore, there is Supras’ publication series “Briefing Notes.”

Note: the content of this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution–NonCommercial–NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. Details about the license is available here.


Details about the activities that this output reports on, is available in section Portfolio. Secondary knowledge, in the form of references, documents and websites, etc., are available in section Knowledge. Links to many of the implementing agencies, partners and projects that are involved in these activities are available in section Links.

Accessing the library

The library can be accessed in five different and partly overlapping ways:

  1. List of documents.  View the complete list of documents. The individual items are organized after date of publication. Links for viewing/downloading are available. [see below]
  2. Service areas.  View the output organized and cross-referenced according to service areas. The individual items do not contain complete information, and include links to the complete list where more information and download links are available. [see below]
  3. Issues.  View the output organized and cross-referenced according to issues. The individual items do not contain complete information, and include links to the complete list where more information and download links are available. [see below]
  4. Publishing.  Access various publishing activities. [see below]
  5. Other output.  View other output, including cartography, images and webservices. [see below]

1. List of documents

Here all documents are listed according to date of issue or publication. [access]

2. Service areas

Capacity building
This is also an issue (see below).
This is also an issue (see below).
Information and communication technology (ICT)
This is also an issue (see below).
Networks and networking
This is also an issue (see below).
Projects and operational work
Operational work, covering all phases of the project cycle (see section Profile) and investment operations more generally. The emphasis is on social and cultural aspects of natural resource management, capacity building, knowledge management and strategic communication. Projects are, as a rule, applied in focus, but may also be partly research oriented. [access]
The research is organized in a number of issues (see below) that are research-driven (as opposed to issues that are connected with operational work). Addresses a number of separate but interrelated areas of concern. Has, as a rule, a clear applied orientation and rationale. The output is often in the form of project reports and papers read at conferences or published in journals. Other output includes publication series. Some research is done in the context of projects and operationial work. [access]
Risk management
This is also an issue (see below).

3. Issues

Capacity building
Comprises organization of and participation in capacity building and training activities, organization of seminars and workshops, and lecturing. It includes the capacity building that Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net) does as part of its day-to-day operation. This also a Service area. [access]
Conflicts and conflict management
Environmental management
Fishing and coastal zone management
Covers small-scale, subsistence-based fishing, together with subsistence-based resource utilization in the coastal zone.
Information and communication technology and development cooperation
Knowledge management
Networks and networking
Focused around creating and sustaining – as well as being involved in – various communities of practice, as a rule through use of ICTs (specifically Internet and email). The focus is on networks that utilize and largely depend upon Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – specifically Internet and email – as means of communication. There are two key aspects of ICT-based networking: (1) Due to key characteristics of modern networking, including the increasing complexity of their subject matter, the fact that they are virtual, and efforts to scale them up, means that knowledge management becomes increasingly important, and (2) Networks that emphasize knowledge management may evolve into Communities of Practice (CoPs). Supras has been involved in setting up and managing a number of networks and CoPs, including for civil society and for the World Bank. Presently, Supras is involved in coordinating Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net), which is proving to be a great learning experience for understanding the importance of the relations between technology and society in applying and optimizing the role of networks in a developmental context. Another activity is Forum South, a network of development oriented organizations and institutions in the Agder region in southern Norway. This also a Service area. [access]
Property rights
Rangeland management
(Notes: natural disaster, also human caused disasters.)
Risk management

4. Publishing

General publishing activities
Supras collaborate on publishing blogs, newsletter series and paper series. Also, Supras is involved in writing for conferences and workshops, and publish for external outlets. Regarding Supras Briefing Notes, see below. [access]
Supras Briefing Notes
Contains drafts, memos, notes and pre-publication papers. [access]

5. Other output

Web services
Hosting of websites in connection with, in particular, operational work. [access]
Cartography and mapping
Maps prepared in connection with specific projects and investment operations, as well as research. [access]
The images catch aspects of the work in connection with projects and investment operations. [access]