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This section contains pages, functions and knowledge aimed at supporting the use of the website, as well as increasing its usability.

Site map
Map of the architecture and content of the Supras site. [access]
Page index
List of all html and pdf files on the Supras site. [access]
Search engine for the Supras site. [access]
Brief updates on Supras activities, often with links to pages on the site for in-depth treatment. Changes to the site architecture are noted. [access]
A third-party service that organizes travel. [access]
A third-party news service. [access]
Development cooperation blog (to be implemented). [access]
Contain information pertaining to, inter alia, legal aspects of Supras Consult and its website, including copyright, licensing, rights and permission, and terms and conditions. [access]
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Answers to frequently asked questions about Supras and the website. [access]
Help and advice on using the Supras site. [access]