CBNRM Networking utilizes Tools that support the global CBNRM network and Community of Practice (CoP), towards implementing its Mission and realizing its Vision. The Tools are part of as well as utilize Internet and Communication Technologies (ICTs), specifically the Internet. The Tools are social software applications or social software that facilitate a variety of forms of social human contact. More specifically, they provide practical and operational knowledge sharing, knowledge building and networking capabilities. They address CBNRM Networking's focus on Communication, Knowledge management, and Capacity building. The Tools are operationalizations of the Services, and are, in turn, employed in specific Activities.

The Tools, as social software, fall into two categories: (1) communication tools and (2) interactive tools (see page Communication). Furthermore, the Tools are of two types, as based in: (1) dedicated CBNRM accounts, and (2) a Service itself (in which case the Service itself is / constitute the Tool). Or alternative in user-defined accounts. All Tools - within and between the Services - are selected for their ability to complement each other. Each Service contains one or more Tools.

The selected Tools, as available on key social media platforms, are listed below, organized in recognized categories of social software. Some of the categories overlaps to some extent, and a Tool may accordingly be listed more than once. It may be necessary to register in order to access and/or utilize some Tools. The type of relationships and activities possible will differ from passive, one-way, user-determined utilization of available knowledge, on the one hand, to active interaction, dialogue, networking and reciprocity, on the other hand.

For each Tool information is available on (where relevant): Name, type, focus and URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Some Tools are not listed at the present time.

The Tools are made available, courtesy CBNRM Networking, for use by members of CBNRM Networking and CBNRM Net and, more broadly, the global CBNRM CoP. As a user of these Tools, you are advised to select and use only the Tools that you already know or else find useful. At the same time, CBNRM Networking considers some Tools to be of key importance, and it is advisable that these Tools are used by as many as possible - esp. among CBNRM Networking / CBNRM Net members - in order to further networking and development of the global CBNRM CoP.

Further Tools will be added as and when they become available. Suggestions for new Tools are welcome.

Relevant Sections and PagesCapacity building, Communication, Knowledge management, Links, News.

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CBNRM Networking tools

  1. CBNRM Net.  This is a global and virtual network of CBNRM practitioners – as well as other CBNRM stakeholders – that communicate with each other through use of ICTs, specifically the Internet and email. The CBNRM Net website is a means to: (1) manage the fast growing amount of CBNRM-related knowledge internationally and (2) connect the members of CBNRM Net, both individuals and organisations, with each other. URL: [access]

Third party tools

  1. Clustrmaps.  Domain user mapping. Utilized by CBNRM Net, on its website, since several years. URL: [access]
  2. Delicious.  Social bookmarking. Account 'cbnrm', see Diigo (below). URL: [access]
  3. Diigo.  Web annotation, social bookmarking and research. Account 'cbnrmnet'. Integrated with Delicious (see above). URL: [access]
  4. Evernote.  Notetaking, archiving. URL: [access]
  5. Facebook.  Group and Page. Group CBNRM?. URL: [access]
  6. Flickr.  Image repository. URL: [access]
  7. Google, I.  (1) Gmail, (2) Google+, (3) Google Account, (4) Local Business Center. (5) Docs., (6) Gmail account for sending large attachments, and in connection with Google services, (7) Account (pswrd nusse47). Email. [access]
  8. Google, II.  Group. Email -, Logon via, intended as supportive of the management of CBNRM Net, not used / latent. URL: [access]
  9. Gravatar.  Gravatar, managing online identities. Comment: there may be some confusion between my two profiles supras and cbnrm, have to inquire. URL: [access]
  10. Hubpages.  ?. Account 'cbnrm'. Email:, Pswrd: sofia2011. URL: access]
  11. iName.  ?. Comment: Tag(?): @cbnrm, Function/purpose: ?. URL: ?. [access]
  12. LinkedIn, I.  (1) Group, (2) two company profiles. Comments: (1) group url:, (2) CBNRM Networking Profile, URL: ?, (3) CBNRM Net Profile, URL: ?. URL: [access]
  13. LinkedIn, II.  Group 'CBNRM'. URL: [access]
  14. Meetup.  Social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in localities around the world. URL: [access]
  15.  Publishing. Paper name: 'CBNRM'. URL: [access]
  16. Peerindex.  ?. URL: [access]
  17. Pidgin.  Multi-platform instant messaging client. URL: [access]
  18. Pinterest.  ?. URL: [account]
  19. Quantcast.  Website user access data. Contains user data for all CBNRM Networking domains, cf. QualQuant and Sitemeter. URL: [access]
  20. Scoop.  ?. Account 'cbnrm'?. URL: []
  21. Sitemeter.  Website user access data. Comments: (1) part of my account with Sitemeter., (2) covers several/all cbnrm domains, (3) Tilgang til data for cbnrm sites kan ikke gis uten samtidig gi access til e.g. supras sites, (4) cf. QualCast, QualQuant. URL: []
  22. Skype.  Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). URL: [access]
  23. Tumblr.  ?. URL: []
  24. Twitter.  ?. Name: @cbnrm. Hashtag: #cbnrm. URL: [access]
  25. Ustream.  Video repository. Comment: name/account 'cbnrm'. URL: [access]
  26. Wikispaces.  Wiki. Comment: Account 'cbnrm', Logon data not correct, have requested help. URL: access]
  27. Wikipedia.  Wiki/Dictionary. Comment: Term "CBNRM" to be registered. URL: [access]
  28. WordPress.  Blog and searching. Comments: blog username 'cbnrm', searchterm 'cbnrm', a number of blogs and blogposts refer to CBNRM. URL: [access]
  29. Xing.  Group. Comments: (1) not created. URL: ?. [access]
  30. Youtube.  Video repository. Comment: Account 'CBNRM/cbnrm', add videos. Q: 'CBNRM' instead of 'cbnrm'?. URL: [access]


(Note: ?)

  1. Links to third party
  2. Publishing: CBNRM Net Newsletters, CBNRM Papers, CBNRM ? (other series?)
  3. Communication: (1) .tel. Description: Provides one-click access to key contact information as well as other data about CBNRM Networking and its services. URL:, (2) mail(a) Description: Connected with CBNRM Networking, (3) mail(a) Description: Connected with CBNRM Net, (4) cbnrmnet(a) Description: For sending (very) large attachments, and for use in connection with Google services (present and future).