CBNRM Networking provides a number of Activities. These Activities are understood to build upon, be operationalizations of, and/or be applications of its Services and, more concretely and directly, its Tools.

The Activities are, moreover/importantly/furthermore, closely related to the focus on Communication, Knowledge Management and Capacity building, as discussed in the Profile (and also mentioned in Services and Tools). The focus on the underlying aspects of Comunication, Knowledge Management and Capacity building serves to connect and integrate all Activities, to the extent that they relate to, feed into and depend on each other. Three examples:

  1. Operational work provides possibilities for training, including on-the-job training. Vice versa, training aims at being practically oriented in response to specific demands in operational work
  2. Training builds upon knowledge managemenet. In turn, training will result in increased ability to use and benefit from knowledge.
  3. Applications build upon training and knowledge management. In turn, experiences form applications/operations is also a form of training, while at the same time producing (new) knowledge.

The Activities are partly mediated through the Tools, and partly CBNRM Networking also advocates as well as operates through face-to-face communication, through connecting members and organizing joint activities.

The Activities are available for, with, and/or on behalf of its members (that is, the members of CBNRM Net). Non-members can be involved in, and benefit from, some of the Services and Tools.

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